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Thanks for your interest in my works. All of my books are available on Kindle at Paperback editions are also available at and by order from any bookstore. Read below what I've written for you!

Deadly Pedigree by Jimmy Fo
Lineages and Lies by Jimmy Fox
Jackpot Blood by Jimmy Fox
Poems for Precious Pussycats by Jimmy Fox
More Poems for Precious Pussycats by Jimmy Fox
Deadly Pedigree


ISBN-13: 978-1479151660 paperback

Nick Herald, a professional genealogist working in New Orleans, is hired to search for Louisiana relatives of an elderly man, a Holocaust survivor. Soon Nick realizes that this is no ordinary case of innocent genealogical curiosity, but a shrewd gamble for strange vengeance.

After finding his original client dead, Nick is pulled ever deeper into a deadly maelstrom of complications, contradictions, and predicaments. He travels to another historic town, Natchitoches in northwestern Louisiana, where he stumbles across murderous mysteries with roots in the darkest shadows of human history. Nick gets firsthand confirmation of his firm conviction that the past is always with us, especially in the South, shaping the present.

Back in New Orleans, Nick, ably assisted by a young disabled black woman named Hawty Latimer, pieces together a tangled tale of bigotry, betrayal, lust, and shame spanning two centuries. He falls into the arms of several beautiful women, with dangerous consequences for his conscience and his heart. And as the story draws to its conclusion, he learns far more about himself than he ever wanted to know.

Finally, Nick makes courageous decisions to right old wrongs and expose the guilty--while doing his best to save his own neck.

Lineages and Lies


ISBN-13: 978-1490364032 paperback

A has-been genealogist lies dead in a French Quarter hotel room. Who among his many enemies got to him first? Nick Herald, friend and fellow professional genealogist, is determined to find out. Nick's investigation leads him to a centuries-old mystery at the heart of a New Orleans lineage society.

Jackpot Blood


ISBN-13: 978-1499638738 Paperback

Spirits long ignored haunt the pine forest! A small Louisiana Indian tribe receives federal recognition, but tribal unity unravels when someone--or something--begins murdering tribe members. Is the planned casino a factor? Nick Herald, genealogical sleuth, lands in the middle of a free-for-all involving crooked politicians, a powerful local family, gambling syndicates, drug runners, and other Louisiana tribes. Finally, he must confront ancient malice that threatens the tribe's very survival.

Poems for Precious Pussycats

ASIN: B07HWR6L3R Kindle

ISBN-13: 978-1540442215 paperback

Four poems and more than two dozen photos capture the essence of three of our beloved cats. Sadly, one has walked over the "rainbow bridge." If you've ever shed tears over the death of a pet, you'll want to read "Elegy for André." I hope you enjoy this little volume of cat poetry. I know you share our fascination with these amazing animals!

More Poems for Precious Pussycats


ISBN-13: 978-1724780751 paperback

Our beloved cats inspire all sorts of emotions in us. So much so, that we could write volumes of poetic homage to our furry little gods and goddesses. Here, then, is my second volume of pussycat poetry. Within you will find seven poems and over forty black-and-white photos of our three fascinating, adorable felines. You will surely recognize your own precious pussycats in these clever poems that delve into the joys of sharing life with these wonderful animals, our cats!

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